Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Notice of shutdown.

Notice of shutdown.

Ny Capital Radio Live will be ceasing all operations as of December 20. 2024. Please note some of our operations will still be operational. until 2030. We will start the shutdown. and we regret to inform you about this. But it is what it is when you have freeloaders not willing to pay and everybody expects a free advertisement event. it's over. and it is over. because we are not a free cash cow. When people can think of running their free ads and free advertisements As somebody obviously is going to be holding the bag. So that's it. We decided we're not going to be no cash cow for nobody. And thanks to all the freeloaders we have no choice but to close our doors. Now for the American Army and Israeli army. Thank you for your service. and God bless the land of Israel and God bless America.

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